Monday, September 22, 2008

sneak peak...

Goddess Diana-one of my closest friends in this world, has been studying to be a Mom---Goddess does not do anything until she has studied and practiced and has got it "right".

Goddess and Noah (her hubby) are ready.............they are in the "time for a baby or babies" groove. Soooooooo it is time that I send the necklace that I have been designing and infusing with Love and Light, Peace and Healing and FERTILITY ! This piece was created especially for Goddess Diana and I have held on to it till the time was right---NOW!!! The time is right! So I shall mail it off and after she has received it I will post a picture of Goddess in her "Fertility Art"!
Love you guys, and have fun on this adventure!

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pattie said...

Coming from your light and healing hands...this will be powerful!!
Sending "parental" wishes to Goddess!!