Sunday, April 20, 2008

crown swap

I hosted a crown swap for one of the yahoo groups I 'm in--just wanted to share mine--It is in the mail to a friend way north!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2nd catalyst for Creative Therapy=something from my childhood

My Papa-I loved him so–he always worked in a hardware store and I loved to go visit him there. It’s probably why I love hardware stores and tools so much today. He used to take me to the ice cream store and sit me up on the counter and and fill a little white bag with candy-yum. Our favorite flavor was chocolate shower…..He always hung out in his garage just fiddlin around–and listened to country music. Funny after growing up in Sacramento, CA and listening to country music I would be living in Nashville,TN!

I used one of his old watches and his picture standing in front of his garage as the center piece and put some hardware pieces inside of the watch. The dangle has a fishing lure piece, cause he LOVED to fish and a blue fabric bead-as blue was the color of his eyes. I called him Papa,so I made the metal tag, and there is an old key—-He was always cutting keys at the store…my wire wrapping is a bit rugged this time because I wanted the hardware/wire to really stand out..

Monday, April 7, 2008

I wanted to share...

This is a birdhouse by my driveway and a beautiful cherry tree that is in full bloom..........
There are so many other flowering plants in my yard--
I just love all of the colors--and the pollen--

Sunday, April 6, 2008

catch up?

Never! It's been way too long--but I have no excuses--
we begin again!
I am proud to be part of the "Creative Therapy" team that Karen put together. We are a group of artists that are given catalysts every week and are to create art with the weekly catalyst! In the theme of catching up=I will show you the first one I did--and give you the link to the site-
the catalyst was" where do you go to find your center?"

This is definitely where I go to find my center. Two fold….The Beach and The Ocean… What a wonderful place! Home of some of the most beautiful creatures that ever lived. Dolphins, seahorses, starfish… Every color of the rainbow is found in these waters. And salt water-ahhhhhhhh… healing….and waves..crashing waves, mesmerizing, calming, peace-filled. The smell………………..YES! The smell………….. Seashells…I love to collect seashells. Often I go to this place in my mind to fill up on energy and peace, as I am landlocked in Tennessee. When I lived in Southern California a stroll on the beach was a joy and easy to accomplish. Now, once in a while we are able to physically go to “the beach” and it recharges my spirit.

I made this necklace to remind me of the bliss that the beach brings to me, with abalone, coral, a dolphin, a starfish…The turquoise stones represent some of the beautiful turquoise waters that I have witnessed Florida, Hawaii. Mexico… to the beach in my mind….