Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2nd catalyst for Creative Therapy=something from my childhood

My Papa-I loved him so–he always worked in a hardware store and I loved to go visit him there. It’s probably why I love hardware stores and tools so much today. He used to take me to the ice cream store and sit me up on the counter and and fill a little white bag with candy-yum. Our favorite flavor was chocolate shower…..He always hung out in his garage just fiddlin around–and listened to country music. Funny after growing up in Sacramento, CA and listening to country music I would be living in Nashville,TN!

I used one of his old watches and his picture standing in front of his garage as the center piece and put some hardware pieces inside of the watch. The dangle has a fishing lure piece, cause he LOVED to fish and a blue fabric bead-as blue was the color of his eyes. I called him Papa,so I made the metal tag, and there is an old key—-He was always cutting keys at the store…my wire wrapping is a bit rugged this time because I wanted the hardware/wire to really stand out..


Joanne Huffman said...

It's a lovely nostalgic piece and the love you put into its creation shows.


Nellie Wortman said...

I love all of your work... what lovely jewelry that you have done. I look forward to seeing more. Awesome!!!

kathy mc said...

This is one amazing piece. I was lucky enough to see in person today. It really is gorgeous Brenda. You did a wonderful job with this. What a way to honor your Papa.