Tuesday, August 5, 2008

i am so blessed...........

when i was in california at the art show with JoAnnA..I met Cindy DeLuz.................just a quick meeting mind you--and i was so overwhelmed being there with JoAnnA that my senior-type brain didn't recall that this was THE Cindy that had the awesome art that I needed in my life with all my heart! She left-i looked down at the table and her card was just looking up at me saying----"Yep, that was THE Cindy......"
soooooooo.when i got home that evening i wrote her an email--
i want a piece of your art, here's a few things about me...please take a look at my blog, .........blah, blah, blah
now i know that my mother in law gives me a check every birthday--so i thought bingo!...i'll use that to buy a picture--just for me--
and what i got was so far beyond what i had hoped for--

and with my huge picture (36x24) came an extra package--with a card--that had part of my flowers on it...which is shown above..cause i can't figure out how to have it down here :{
and she made me the cutest magnet with the picture on it--

a necklace with my picture on it--and the flowers on the other side--
ok ---so run over to Cindy's site ..
and look at all of her HAPPY stuff!


Anonymous said...

I'm doing the Pooh Dance...I mean Pooh wiggle! You are such a doll! Loved your words and love your heART even more. You desrve only things that make your soul sing. Keep shining like you do, we love sharing your light. xoxo, art elf

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool! I checked her site and will return; you're right, her art makes me smile.


JoAnnA Pierotti said...

oh, Cindy did such an amazing job on this...just adorable!!! So glad you got to meet her. She was telling me about it on the phone, but to see it, wow. You must be tickled pink!!! She will be at ZNE selling. I have one piece of hers and it does make me smile.
love to you, joanna

kathy mc said...

What an awsome painting. You are so lucky to have this. It's wonderful.

pattie said...

Lucky...lucky girl...but no one deserves "pretty" more than you do Miss Bliss!!

Bre said...

...a very fun and funky painting !
Lucky you .

I'm intrigued to know what a healing artist is .....sounds neat to me.Actually, anything artist is right up my alley but I like the sound of a healing artist combination.

from another Brenda artist ( Bre ) online

Bre said...

Thanks for getting back to me Brenda.....I totally get "the healing artist " as being a gift.

When I paint it's usually a very spiritual experience ......not that I have the healing gift or anything (which I would love) but I open myself up to the same as you : love, light, peace and ask that I channel that into my paintings. I really think we are lucky to have been blessed with the gift of our hands and want to be able to give back in someway.

Hope you had a great 50th ! My hubbies is a couple of years away and we're ALREADY planning the party LOL !


Halo Hill said...